The key to practicing self-improvements. It shouldn’t matter if you are in your teens or if you are retiring, and beyond.

Looking back in time, regretting not starting or continuing an initiative, and wondering how life would have been better if you would have done it? If this describes you, you are suffering from not being able to practice lifelong self-improvements.

Through the years, as my age goes up and maturity…

Most of us don’t understand the true power of marketing, let alone its power in our daily life.

Let me get this straight from the beginning. I despised marketing. There are no two ways about it. A couple of things stand out as the cornerstone of this belief of mine.

  1. A good product or person markets itself. There is no need for extra marketing.
  2. There is a cost…

Understand life like how we used to as a kid, and you would lead a happier and better life.

When John went to school one fateful day at the age of 5, he was given a class assignment. His class was asked what would they want to be when they grow up. As you can imagine, many of the kids chose their parents as inspiration, some chose their hero’s…

I did, and my view of how life coaching should be conducted changes over time, from hate to love.

If you have been in training sessions of any kind but not a coaching session, you may get the shock of your life.

3 years ago, I was fortunate to be involved in a coaching program from the company that I am working for. It is part of a broader…


Writing simple, easy to relate to, positive articles, from one ordinary human to another ordinary human.

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